endless inspiration

It’s hard to believe that before I got engaged, I’d never stumbled upon the billions of websites and blogs dedicated to wedding crafts and decorations. There seems to be an infinite amount of wedding decor information/inspiration on the web. I’ve gotten quite a few greats ideas from these sites, including the ones below.

First, how awesome are those button strings? I’ve always liked buttons and I think I’m going to try to find a way to incorporate them into my decor.

My reception venue has white, ivory, and black tablecloths that I can use free of charge, but I was thinking about trying to rent eggplant-colored tablecloths to really bring out my purple-theme. I soon realized that renting tablecloths are expensive (not unlike most wedding costs), but the picture below inspired me to look into eggplant-colored table-runners – a classy and cheaper solution!

Finally, something I had briefly thought about are the numerous thank-you cards Stuart and I will have to fill out post-honeymoon. The below couple had a GREAT idea to hold up ‘thank you’ signs during their post-wedding photo shoot so that their picture could grace the front of their thank-you cards! How awesome!

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