lucky travels

Due to some work I did this past summer, I’ve been funded to attend the American Meteorological Society‘s Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington in just 8 days! I’ve been very fortunate to get funding to attend conferences in cool places over the past few years – Savannah, Phoenix, Atlanta, Denver, Louisville, and now Seattle! Not only have I never been to Seattle, I’ve never even been to the west coast so this is very exciting for me.

Stuart earned at AMS scholarship this year so he gets put up in the very nice Westin – Seattle! Through pulling a few strings, I’ve worked it out so that my funding will allow me to stay there with him. Win! Below is a picture of the Westin.

In addition to the conference, I’m really excited to explore the city. They have SEVERAL breweries that we hope to visit, in addition to the normal tourist locations – the space needle, Pike Place Market, the Seattle Aquarium, etc. I also want to get my picture taken in front of a Starbucks in the city where they were born.

What a gorgeous city! Can’t wait to see Mount Rainier!

The only potential downside to the trip could be the very Seattle-like forecast.

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