shoes, shoes, shoes

Despite the fact that I’m in beautiful Seattle this week doing nothing wedding-related, I can’t stop thinking about how close we’re getting to the big day! On Friday, we will have only 4 months left until the wedding (and only 3 until bachelorette wedding in Vegas!). Woo hoo! In honor of this great occasion, I wanted to share my thoughts on a small aspect of my wedding planning – my shoes!

Since I’m quite tall and my fiancé is not, I will definitely be wearing flats on the big day. Despite the tons of gorgeous bridal shoes I’ve found online with 3-4″ heels, I have only found a handful of bridal shoes with no heel. Because of this, I’ve come up with 3 possibilities for my wedding shoes:


In case you haven’t heard of the TOMS company, check out the link here. It has become fairly common for brides (and sometimes entire bridal parties) to wear TOMS. This would definitely be an affordable option for me, and I would be buying a pair of shoes for someone in a third world country at the same time. Win. If I go with this option, I’ll probably either get the standard off-white canvas style, or perhaps the sparkly silver pair seen below.

Perks: super comfortable, super flat, supports a good cause, can wear them again!

b) Something Blue

While I already have my “something old, something new, something borrow”, I still don’t have a “something blue”. I’ve been looking around online and I have found some pretty awesome blue flats be fun to wear. Below is the best pair I can find at the moment:

Perks: moderately flat, funky.

c) White flats

Whenever I thought of my wedding day growing up, I imagined the classic white dress and white accessories. If I could find some really cool white/off-white bridal flats, I would definitely love to try them out. Below is a pair that I like, but am not in love with.

Perks: traditional, flat.

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