snow day: part III

Today I decided to venture out and brave the elements to pick up my friend Kristin so we could visit the always exciting, always entertaining Riverwind Casino!

What a magical place! It’s so magical that I don’t even mind walking out smelling like smoke and being $20 poorer. After leaving Riverwind, we headed to our favorite frozen yogurt place and treated ourselves to some yummy froyo. It was there that we got the text message we had been waiting for – OU is closed AGAIN tomorrow. The snow day series lives on. I can’t say I’m surprised, though. Venturing out today allowed me to see that even some of the main roads here still only have one lane open. Keep in mind it stopped snowing Tuesday morning. I’m fairly certain that the road to Kristin’s apartment, a main channel for students to and from campus, hadn’t even been touched. Scary stuff.

What could make this 4-day snow day streak even more interesting, you ask? The main long-range weather model used by forecasters is showing the makings of a snow storm next week. It doesn’t look to be as impressive as this past storm, but could bring more accumulating snow to the area. It’s still 5 to 6 days out, but definitely something to keep an eye on.

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