encouraging news!

Today Stuart met with the colonel in charge of his ROTC detachment to find out if his education delay application had been approved. While it hadn’t yet been approved (or denied), they said he should hopefully find out this week! His colonel did say, however, that all ROTC officers commissioning this May will most likely be delayed a full year before they report to their first base because the Air Force budget is so bad right now. This means that we will most likely be together all next year regardless of the educational delay! 🙂

We are definitely still hoping that he gets the delay, though …especially since he got a VERY promising email from OU today that was everything short of a formal offer! They said he was in the top tier of the applicant pool and wanted to let him know that while they haven’t gotten their act together to send out formal offers yet, they wanted him to know that they are very interested! They even asked if he’d like to come for a campus visit 🙂

Things are certainly looking good for us! Hopefully we’ll officially know everything in the next couple weeks. Until then, please keep us in your prayers!

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