best wedding songs

When I think of a wedding DJ, I think of a greasy-looking guy in a bad tuxedo that tries to make awkward jokes about the wedding party. Because of this (and the fact that hiring a wedding DJ is expensive), we are going to be compiling an awesome playlist of great songs that will play at the reception. We’ve already gathered quite a few songs, but I want some outside opinions as to the best wedding reception songs. Keep in mind, we do not want to play some of the more terrible options (chicken dance, electric slide, r-e-s-p-e-c-t, etc.). We want songs that everyone can dance and sing-along with.

Have good song ideas? Please give me some suggestions! What’s your favorite song to dance to?

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2 Responses to best wedding songs

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Off the top of my head….

    “I wanna dance with somebody” –Whitney Houston (best song EVER to dance to and sing super loud) This must be on the list or I’m not attending…. haha

    Any good ‘ol 2000’s Rap/Hiphop/Pop like:
    “Shake ya tailfeather”–Nelly
    “Get Low (to the windoooooow, to the waaaall)”–Lil Jon
    “Thong Song”–Sisqo (haha :D)

    “Crazy in Love”–Beyonce… fits in with the above I think…

    “She Bangs”–Ricky Martin, voted best wedding dance track in like 2000 haha

    “Love Shack”

    “We Are Family”–Sister Sledge

    YMCA… or does that fit in with no electric slide? cuz i love me some electric slide!

    “Lose Control”–Missy Elliott

    “Get this party started”– Pink

    “Brown Eyed Girl”–Van Morrison

    “Celebration”–Kool and the Gang

    “Material Girl”–Madonna

    Ace of Bass… anything….

    “Hey Ya”–Outkast

    “Livin on a Prayer”–or other Bon Jovi songs

    “Pour some sugar on me”–Def Leppard

    MICHAEL JACKSON…. anything… but specifically “Don’t stop till you get enough” and obviously “Thriller”…

    “Friends in low places”–Garth

    “Bust a Move”–Young MC

    “Wild Thing”–Tone Loc

    “I will survive”–Gloria Gaynor

    “You should be dancing”–Bee Gees

    “Mambo #5”–Lou Bega

    “the Humpty Dance”–Digital Underground

    “Baby got back”–Sir Mix Alot

    “Don’t Stop Believing”–Journey… any song by Journey really makes people get excited at wedding receptions.

    “SHOUT”–The Isley Brothers is a MUST.


    “Twist and shout”–beatles

    “Bohemian Rhapsody”– Queen

    “Build Me Up Buttercup”– Foundations

    ….. that’s for fun dance songs… if you want slow songs, i can give you a whole other list haha….

    ….if you want more ideas, let me know

  2. Lyndsey says:

    obviously these are all cliche reception songs… but let’s face it, that’s why i go to receptions haha

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