all dressed up

What’s more exciting than realizing you will be getting married in exactly 2 months? Not sure. What’s almost as exciting as realizing you will be getting married in 2 months? Remembering how many others awesome weddings we get to attend this summer! As of right now, Stuart and I are invited to 5 weddings this summer, not including our own. Between my bridal/wedding showers, bachelorette weekend in Vegas, Stuart’s graduation, our rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the honeymoon and all these other wonderful weddings I have quite a few occasions to wear some awesome dresses!

Back in high school when I had money and no expenses, I looooved to go shopping. Now make a decent salary (for a graduate student – not for a real person), but I have lots of expenses (living alone is expensive!) and am saving for the wedding so there’s not much extra $$ to throw around. Despite this, I have decided to splurge on a few awesome summer-y dresses that I can wear to some of these fantastic events.

Dress #1: Long, flowy, comfortable, maxi dress perfect for lounging in St. Lucia on the honeymoon

Dress #2: This one seems shorter than I remember. I suppose this one will have to work as a beach cover-up dress.

Dress #3: The most wonderful dress of all! I fell in love when I saw it online and can’t wait to try it on. It’ll be great for my bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and maybe even other weddings this summer! LOVE it.

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One Response to all dressed up

  1. lyndseybeth says:

    haha i know what you mean with the lots of weddings! I’m on a ridiculously tight budget as well, and none of the weddings we’re going to have over-lapping people, so I plan to find one cute new dress that will be a fit for all my weddings, and maybe even our engagement pics! lol…..

    still looking for that special one dress…. hopefully soon it will reveal itself to me.

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