the best news i’ve heard in weeks

Today Stuart met with the people at the Tiger Hotel to talk about the logistics of the reception and he found out some extraordinary news! It is actually cheaper to get kegs of Flatbranch beer for the reception than it is to get terrible domestic beer! The only catch is that we have to buy the kegs ourselves and then bring them to the Tiger Hotel the week before the wedding because they can’t buy them on their own.

Everyone, rejoice! Delicious beer will be had by all 🙂


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3 Responses to the best news i’ve heard in weeks

  1. lyndseybeth says:

    so, is this a normal thing? Like would craig and I save money by having flat branch instead of bud light?????

  2. To get a keg of Miller Lite (or anything like that) at the Tiger, it costs about $225 (or more), but a keg front Flatbranch only costs ~$130. The Tiger charges a $50 fee per keg to use their tap and such, but that’s still about $40 cheaper than Miller. I guess it all depends on how much it costs at Alpine.

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