you can’t be serious

This morning I gave my much anticipated research presentation in my research group’s weekly brown bag lunch. Essentially, every week someone nervously presents their research to a group of the most distinguished, well-known scientists in the field while they leisurely eat lunch and question everything you’ve done over the past several months. Today that presenter was me.

I normally get nervous before presentations, but when I woke up this morning I immediately felt super nervous. It all ended up going well, thank goodness, but I was pretty stressed about it.

The day got even better when I found free birthday cake up in the break room. To top off this great day, someone from our National Weather Service office posted this on facebook.

Archer County Emergency Management With native cover and food burned, hogs, weighing 200-400 pounds will start moving into areas they have never been. Prepare for herds running to our rural communities, lake areas, golf courses, etc. Wild hogs are incredibly strong, fast runners, hard to kill, and travel in packs. It’s already happening in the panhandle.”

We certainly have our share of ridiculous weather in Oklahoma (snow, ice storms, tornadoes, hail, flooding, wild fires, extreme drought), but this weather-related emergency is just preposterous. Hopefully all the hog problems stay out in the panhandle because I can’t imagine either Penny or  myself being able to fight out of 400 lb charging hog.

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