rsvp, please

I think one of the reasons I have enjoyed wedding planning so much is that my long engagement allowed Stuart and I to plan things at our leisure. We booked all but one of our vendors over a year and a half ago. I even picked out my wedding dress in July – over 10 months before the big day (and trust me, I had to force myself to wait that long). Wedding planning has been great because I like to get things done early and be in control, which is what our long engagement allowed.

The part I least like about wedding planning is waiting on other people to do things. Specifically, I don’t like waiting on people to send in their response cards. Now I realize that people have busy lives and forget about little things like response cards, but I would really like to know how much my reception is going to cost who is coming to my wedding.

I sent out invitations in early to mid-March because I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer. The date to return the response cards by is May 7, this upcoming Saturday. Every day this week I’ve eagerly gone to the mailbox hoping to find dozens of response cards, but that hasn’t been the case. Yesterday I got none and today there were only 2. You’ve had 2 months to figure it out, people!

At this moment, I have 106/165. Bleh. A few of those 59 remaining people have informed me of their attendance in other ways, though. Luckily, we don’t need a final head count until May 14 so we have an extra week to bug people on facebook/email/phone.

So in the future, send in your RSVP cards ASAP. It makes control-freak brides like myself breathe a little easier 🙂

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