birthday plans

It looks like Mother Nature might provide some birthday fun for me tomorrow (i.e. storm chasing right in my own backyard!). Click here for more details about the severe weather potential.

Stuart is currently en route from Columbia to Norman and should arrive this evening. Our friend, Taylor, and his girlfriend have re-routed from their original Huntsville to Columbia path to come to Norman for some chasing tomorrow as well. They should be arriving sometime between midnight and 1 am.

Tomorrow’s best case scenario: we see a beautiful supercell that drops a gorgeous tornado and then we head to our favorite bar for delicious beer and sweet potato fries. Yep, that would be pretty much perfect 🙂

Also, in honor of 10 May 2010, I thought I’d post this picture. This was the scariest chase I have ever been a part of. Storms were moving 60-70 mph and this storm was dropping all kinds of tornadoes, as you can see. We made it out alive, but I don’t think I’ll ever chase on a day with storm motions that fast again.

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One Response to birthday plans

  1. lyndseybeth says:

    can stuart please post the video? seriously. please?

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