Meats & Sweets

Throughout the past year, my weather center friends and my love of bacon, chocolate, and humor sparked the running joke of a party called ‘Meats and Sweets’ that would require all guests to bring a dish combining a meat and dessert. Since Stuart and I had been back from honeymoon land for a couple weeks and had pretty much gotten settled into our house, we decided it was time for Meats and Sweets to happen!

It took place at our house yesterday afternoon and was a great success! All in all, we had about 21 people over to enjoy some surprisingly delicious dishes. Stuart even busted out his meat smoking skills to make some amazing ribs!

Here’s a quick list of the most memorable dishes:

  • Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing with bacon on top
  • “Little Heart Attacks”, little smokies wrapped in bacon, covered in brown sugar and baked
  • Smoked pork spare ribs with a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and orange marmalade glaze
  • Smoked pulled pork with an ancho chile/Buffalo Sweat Stout sauce
  • Chocolate chip bacon Sam Adams pancakes
  • Hot dogs covered in salami, bacon, cheese, and melted chocolate chips
  • Bacon cheese ball
  • Jack Daniels marinated pineapple bacon burgers
  • Candied bacon
  • Pineapple pie with bacon lattice
  • Brownies with ground beef in them

It was quite the event and we can’t wait for Meats and Sweets Part II next year! I hope to have pictures of the event up tonight.

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2 Responses to Meats & Sweets

  1. lyndseybeth says:

    I saw this place on the food network the other night (it was a special all about bacon). This bar has a “Beer and Bacon” night. It’s all you can eat bacon (each table gets a giant bowl of unlimited bacon to snack on while drinking) and they have bacon cocktails and crazy bacon infused food, etc etc etc. It looks freakn awesome. You should see if you can find any of their bacon cocktail recipes for your next Meats and Sweets. haha….

  2. lyndseybeth says:

    some of his drinks include:

    Beer & Bacon Happy Hour that includes cocktails like the Bacon and Habanero Pepper Mojito, a minty rum mojito mixed with spicy habanero peppers and topped with bacon crumbles.

    Apple-Bacon Martini, which is garnished with a strip of bacon rather than green olives.

    A two-part shot that consists of a swig of biscotti liqueur followed by a hunk of pineapple wrapped in bacon, which acts as a chaser.

    A frothy cream soda and whiskey float topped with a scoop of bacon ice cream and, naturally, a strip of bacon.

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