A Family Beer-cation

So a couple weeks ago, Southwest Airlines was celebrating their 40th anniversary by having a sale on tickets! Depending on how many miles you were from your destination, one-way tickets costs either $40, $80 or $120! Since we love to travel and knew that we would have a 3 day weekend when OU played TX in football this fall (that’s right – the university is closed the Friday before that game), we looked into taking a trip! Our first ideas were to visit San Francisco, Chicago, or LA since we have either family or friends in each of those cities. Then we started thinking about Colorado – a place that we had both fallen in love with several times before. Stuart and I have a tentative plan to build a house near the Rocky Mountains when we retire (assuming we make money someday) because we love the area so much.

I took this when I visited Rocky Mountain National Park for the first time 2 summers ago. Gorgeous.

So, we decided that Colorado would be the destination and consulted with our lovely sister, Hannah, to see if she was in for a trip. Like a true Burnett (or Miller?), she was sold at the idea of spending 3 or 4 days in the mountains and drinking at some of the finest craft breweries in the country. Since it is actually cheaper for Stu and I to drive, we will be driving out there the Wednesday before OU/TX weekend, staying in Denver that night and picking up Hannah from the Denver airport early Thursday morning to begin our adventures!

Our tentative schedule is to explore Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver while also making a trip to beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. There are quite a few breweries in the area (see map here) and we hope to explore as many as possible! Yay for a family beer-cation!

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